Jenn Eakin is a multidisciplinary artist and designer and serves as curatorial voice to direct and create visual identities. She immerses herself in making and passionately transforms ideas into actions. More...

Multifaceted ExperiencesJenn has 8 years of diverse creative experience in New York City. She has been an integral part of a small startup team concepting new products and has worked with larger groups to produce event experiences and branded activities.

She has taken on various artistic rolls in projects for multiple brands including Estée Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, Smithsonian Magazine, Harvard Business Review, HP, Wacom, and Intel, and has collaborated with artists, designers, and illustrators worldwide in Barcelona [ES], Berlin [DE], Paris [FR], Auckland [NZ], and many more.

Jenn’s focus is on graphic design with an emphasis on websites. She has an extensive knowledge of coding for the web and is fluent in HTML/CSS.

Meanwhile…Jenn is an anti-tech techy with a love for plants and installation artwork and has a soft spot for handmade items. She thrives on learning by taking UX/design and foreign language classes. She drums with Batala, NYC’s all-women’s Afro-Brazillian percussion band, and she frequently volunteers for Art Start’s creative arts workshops for marginalized youth conducted inside homeless shelters throughout New York City.